Vegan Pubs & Bars in London

Vegan Pub Bar London

This is our guide to 100% vegan pubs and bars in London.

Vegan Drinks

Some alcoholic drinks use animal products in their processing.

Beers and wines often use “finings” at the end of their production mainly to clear cloudiness prior to bottling. Traditional finings can be made from are animal derived products such as isinglass, from fish swim bladders, gelatine, egg whites, sea shells and other animal products . Most spirits such as vodka, rum, and most whiskies are vegan. Be careful with cocktails, some of which use dairy milk or cream, and possibly honey.

The bars and pubs in our guide only serve only vegan friendly drinks, and some serve vegan food too.

If you happen out in a non-vegan pub, the best way to check whether a drink is vegan or not is to use the Barnivore app/website.

Vegan Pubs & Bars Listing

Our listing of 100% vegan pubs and bars in London

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