Vegan Fish & Chips London Guide

Where to get vegan fish and chips from 100% vegan places in London

The vegan version of this popular dish comes in different forms.

“Tofish and Chips” is made by wrapping a slab of tofu with nori sheets, a traditional Japanese food made from a certain type of seaweed which gives the dish a “fishy” flavour, and then frying in a vegan batter.

Banana blossom can also be used as a fish substitute – it has a flaky texture similar to fish, but no string flavour so most recipes add seaweed flakes for flavour before frying in batter.

Note that the Sutton and Sons vegan chip shop on Graham Road in Hackney, is no longer exclusively vegan :(

Our recommended best places to get vegan fish and chips is here.


Below are the 100% vegan places where you can get Vegan Fish and Chips:

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