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Vegan Shops listing for London

Listing of 100% vegan shops and services in London. Covering vegan shoe shops, vegan clothes shops, vegan hair and beauty salons, vegan tattoists and vegan caterers.  The specialist vegan services category is used for unique or unusual vegan shops or services.

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Avocado Leaf Avocado Leaf - Avocado Leaf is an independent all-organic vegan wholefood shop in North Clapham selling ingredients, desserts, snacks, drinks and skincare and makeup products.
Bel Bites Bel Bites - teaches private cooking classes in your own home with the aim to improve your eating habits through delicious, easy recipes. Lasting from 2-3 hours, the client chooses three recipes.
Cookies and Scream - multi-award winning, fully vegan and gluten free bakery in Highbury, London. Their range of cookies, cakes, brownies, pies and donuts are made from the finest ingredients available.
EDEN Perfumes - EDEN Perfumes hand make botanical cruelty-free perfumes consciously crafted with respect to the planet and all beings to create top quality fragrances with vegan natural essential oils. Alternative 100% vegan equivalents to your favourite designer perfumes & aftershaves. No synthetic preservatives, no parabens, no phthalates.
Fareshares Vegan Food Co-Op - Fareshares Vegan Food Co-Op is a non-profit community project which operates on a DIY basis selling organic wholefood at fair prices. Bring your own bag, weigh and pay.
Fifth Dimension Tattoo & Piercing - Fifth Dimension Tattoo & Piercing is a fully vegan tatoo and piercing studio near Brick Lane in East London, specialising in custom designs
Friendship Vegan Shoes Friendship Vegan Shoes - Showroom for vegan shoe company Friendship Shoes that design and make their vegan shoes using high quality materials and unisex designs.
Greenbay Greenbay - fully vegan grocery store in West Kensington, selling fresh produce, prepared foods and ingredients.
Happy Dogs and Cats - offers help with dog and cat behavioural issues, dog and puppy training and advice. Run by a vegan.
Hetu vegan zero waste shop Hetu – zero waste vegan store - zero-waste vegan shop selling unrefined vegan foods (such as grains, nuts, herbs, and spices) from bulk bins
Made in Hackney - local community food kitchen in Hackney, making healthy food growing and preparation accessible to all through their community teaching, also offer master classes in cooking, DIY cosmetics, foraging, fermentation and more.
Monster House London - alternative vegan hair salon situated just off Brick Lane, London, which provides creative and expressive hairdressing and colouring services for all genders.
Ms Cupcake Ms Cupcake - vegan bakery in South London
Organic For The People - 100% organic 100% vegan high street grocery store and deli in Ealing, selling fresh organic fruit and vegetables and vegan supplies.
10 Cable Street Ten Cable Street – venue hire - plant-based venue which hosts supperclubs, creative workshops, talks and wellness events, promoting local businesses and sustainable ideas.
The Rabbit Hole - vegan organic hair salon in West London
The Third Estate The Third Estate - independent shop in Camden specialising in ethically traded, eco-friendly/organic or UK made apparel, and with a large range of animal friendly vegan footwear.
Vegan HQ - vegan coffee shop, cafe and min-market in Ealing
Vx Vx (Vegan Cross) - vegan boutique located near Kings Cross station in London. One of the first vegan one-stop shops in London open since February 2010. Sells shoes, groceries, patisserie, cupcakes, cake, take-away sandwiches, clothing (by The Secret Society Of Vegans), books and more.

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