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Top 10 Vegan Restaurants in London

With the astounding rise in popularity of veganism, a question that is often asked when you meet other London vegans, vegans visiting London or aspiring vegans: what are your favourite vegan places to eat in London? And of course different people will give different answers, since there are so many places to choose from, and we all have varying personal preferences. So we thought we’d add the melee with our own top 10.

Unlike other guides, we’ve picked 100% vegan places, with an emphasis on quality and healthfulness of dishes, ambience and friendly service.

Vegan Restaurants London – the Top 10

The vegan food scene in London is very vibrant, with new places opening up all the time, so as at August 2017, these are our top picks for vegan dining in London, and they are in no particular order.

1. Sazzy and Fran’s

This tiny cafe is located in a recently opened complex of shipping containers just off Hackney Road. But don’t let their diminutive size put you off, their food is delicious, light and healthy and very tasty. Everything is lovingly prepared by the friendly owners from high quality ingredients, and is good value. Their dishes change each day, for example lasagne, taco’s, pizza, buddha bowls and dahl. The complex has a shared outside seating area but if the weather not suitable, Sazzy and Fran have another container unit next door equiped with a sofa and table as well as books and magazines to browse while you eat.

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2. Sanctuary


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3. The Feel Good Café

OK, its a little way out for most, but this little vegan cafe hidden away in an unassuming shopping hall is more than just a cafe. They describe themselves as a “health hub” and this is evident by the number of local people who visit regularly and describe how the owners Idan and Izabelle have helped them with various health problems, and taught them how to prepare their own healthy food. And the food at this cafe is superb, using fresh quality ingredients they offer soups, burgers, fresh salads and amazing cakes as well as a range of provisions to stock up your own larder.

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4. FED by Water

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The following establishments have their emphasis on raw food


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6. Essence Cuisine

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7. Rawligion

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8. Redemption

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9. Paradise Unbakery

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10. Wild Food Cafe


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