july, 2021

04jul1:00 pm4:00 pmWe Stand For The Animals Annual Memorial Service

Event Details

You are invited to attend the first We Stand For The Animals, Annual Memorial Service in London, which will be celebrated on Sunday July 4, 2021.

* WHERE: Trafalgar Square, London

* WHEN: Sunday July 4, 2021
Provisional timings 1pm-4pm

There will be two parts to the event:
– The main ceremony which is a memorial to respectfully remember the lives of all animals that have died at the hands of humans.
– A celebration afterwards, with speakers who are dedicated to bringing about animal liberation for all beings. This is to reflect on the progress that has been made and to speak of how we can move forward.


These are FAQs with answers that will give you an idea of what the event is about.

What is the purpose of the Memorial Service?
The Memorial Service is to acknowledge the lives of the animals in a respectful way. To honour them in death in a way that most animals will never be honoured in life. The animals present in the ceremony represent the billions of non-human animals used by humans for food, clothing, entertainment, science and as companions. We mourn their loss and reach out on their behalf to implore others to no longer be the cause of their suffering.

Is this a march?
No, this is a static event with a peaceful ceremony followed by a celebration.

What does the ceremony consist of?
Participants in the memorial ceremony will be holding photos of animals or frozen dead animals. In the second part of the event, there will be speeches on behalf of the animals from those fighting for their liberation.

Why are dead animals used?
The Memorial Service brings into view animals that the public may never see, and shows them as the individuals that they are. We want people to see that these animals were a someone and not a something. They are individuals who had lives and families and wanted to live. The ceremony aims to be a respectful tribute to all animals and give the animals in the ceremony the dignified memorial they deserve, on behalf of all animals. We want this to be an emotional and moving event, that helps people consider the victims behind the industries they support.

Where are the animals sourced from?
The animals will be from a variety of sources such as sanctuaries. None will be paid for. If you know of any possible sources, please contact team@westandfortheanimals.com or send a private message via our Facebook page.

How are you making sure these animals are safe to use?
Only animals that are not carrying diseases will be used. The animals will be washed and prepared beforehand and will be frozen from the moment of retrieval up until handing them out at the event. All participants and our volunteers will be wearing bio security overalls and gloves to handle the animals, who will be on display for no longer than one hour. The only people who will be in contact with the animals will be our team who will have been briefed on the safe handling of the animals. As soon as possible after the ceremony finishes, the animals will be returned for freezing.

What happens to the animals after the ceremony?
We will be arranging either a cremation or a burial for them, to give a respectful and loving send off in the same way we would for our loved ones.

Can anyone attend?
Yes! We want everyone to come along and learn about the animals and what we can do to change things. Only those who are already vegan can take part in the ceremony to represent the animals.

Can I be part of the ceremony?
Yes! We need around 80 participants for an impactful ceremony. Some will hold the animals but most will be holding placards with animals. As we know, all grassroots activism has to be funded. We therefore need to ask for a contribution of £25 per participant to run the event effectively. This helps to cover t-shirts (which you keep and can be used for other events), coveralls, gloves, sheets, placards, banners and other costs incurred in running the day. Following a successful event, the aim is to repeat it on the first Sunday in July each year. The cost would then be lower as we will already have placards and previous participants can use their old t-shirts. If you would like to take part, please fill in the participant form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1-fB29C-GesHNQBhPP2Kd44Xl9-FT93sYvBSL0KHQEBM/edit

I have another question….
Leave a comment below and we will do our best to answer as soon as possible.
Thanks to everyone for the support and we look forward to seeing you for what we hope will be a powerful day for the animals.



(Sunday) 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm